Consulting and Cost Optimization

Liberty Energy Solutions offer a full range of services will be available throughout the entire term of your agreement with our providers. Services include:

  • Consulting on energy agreements and quotes
  • Competitive Bidding on electricity and natural gas costs
  • Energy Cost Optimization for your business
  • Bill Auditing (additional costs may apply)
  • Resolutions through Providers on all billing matters

Our company will provide a custom energy cost savings forecast containing a detailed breakdown of your savings. We will utilize our knowledge and expertise to ensure that your provider contract protects you from rate increases for the term of your agreement. With Energy Liberty Solutions the decision to contract with any specific energy supplier is always yours.


Products & Agreements

All-Inclusive Fixed Rate
This is our initial proposal to all new clients. All components of a customer’s energy supply costs are included in the quoted price per kWh. Price per kWh will not change throughout the entire term that the client is under contract with our provider.

Index Fixed Adder
This is a product which only includes a portion of a customer’s energy supply costs in the quoted price per kWh. The price per kWh will change monthly based on the energy components not included in the quoted rate.

Competitive Bid
Your energy market includes a large number of Retail Energy Providers (REPs). The best way to take advantage of the competitive energy market is to identify and compare all available options for your business’ energy supply. Through our competitive bidding process, we are able to identify the risks and benefits of each REP in your market and the products they offer. This process will ensure that your business makes the right decision when choosing an energy agreement.

The main benefits of processing a Competitive Bid is as follows:

  • Informs our providers that your organization is looking to enter into an energy agreement and encourages each of them to make their best effort (in both price and product) to win your business.
  • Allows your business to compare all of the options available in your market through one source, Liberty Energy Solutions.
  • Determines the best product for your business: all-inclusive fixed, index fixed adder, or hybrid agreement. Determination is based on current market standing, your load volatility, and the current cost of each component of your energy supply.