What We Do

Liberty Energy Solutions first task is to help our customers reduce their energy consumption.  This includes reducing usage, controlling energy demand, and focusing on energy efficiency.    We offer energy reduction products like LED Retrofits, Solar, Energy Reduction Filters etc.  This reduction in demand can lead to a savings of up to 10% in our customer’s energy consumption.  Many products offer guaranteed energy reduction results that will literally pay for the product and provide a cash flow positive return.

Once we helped reduce our customer’s consumption, we offer our customers the most innovative ways to procure their reduced energy needs. Depending on your energy load profile and usage, Liberty Energy Solutions will offer either a Reverse Energy Auction or a Competitive Bid process. Either of these processes will create the competitive advantage customers want.  Larger accounts can watch all interested suppliers, bid for your account, all at the same time, in real time, on your computer thru our Reverse Auction Platform.  This is the best way to procure energy, period!

All contracts are NOT created equally. Liberty Energy Solutions offers tailored energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers. The saying “the devil is in the details” applies here. We offer true market intelligence to help you decide whether to approve a Fixed Price Contract or an Indexed Price Contract.

Fixed Pricing Option
Allows our customers to lock into energy rates over a specified contract term regardless of market price fluctuations. This provides customers with budget certainty and consistent electricity pricing. All components of your energy contract will be fixed.

Indexed Pricing Option
Many customers appreciate the flexible nature of index pricing. If you feel energy prices may fall during the term of the contract, an Index Pricing Option may be your best choice. This allows certain components that make up your total energy cost to drop as the market does.